Give Your Pets the Care They Deserve
Give your pets the best possible care, nutrition, and attention. This is necessary to keep them happy and healthy. Bring your pet to our caring veterinarians for complete veterinary care. You can count on our experience of highest quality and the most reliable veterinary care. We have a fully equipped veterinary practice, including x-ray equipment, ultrasound and blood machine.

Dogs and Cats

Get your pets examined by our general veterinary practitioner. Bring your pets for yearly exams, spaying or neutering, basic dental care (including teeth cleaning and OraVet chews), nail care, anal glands, full blood work, vaccinations, feline virus testing, tick screening tests, and more.


We offer general veterinary services for horses. Services include general health care and preventive care such as vaccinations, dental care, reproductive care, artificial insemination, castrations, wound care, internal medicine – blood work, and other services.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (806) 934-1105.